Interested in having a deluxe online e-commerce shop?Interested in getting your businesses online with an e-commerce shop?Don’t hesitate! Join us now and become a member WBSM, and design your own online e-commerce shop straight away.

Zmall Customer Services:


All members with paid membership will enjoy the following services:

Free for all members:

  1. Choose between one free template that is most suitable for you, we will help you to reflect it on the website.
  2. Construct a menu list according to your chosen template and page navigation operational services.
  3. Free e-commerce website design services. (Limit for members with paid annual membership)
  4. Provide a sub-domain under zmall for free.
  5. Using the subdomain under zmall, 500mb of data storage memory is provided at free of charge.
  6. Provide MySQL data storage during construction of site for free.
  7. During membership period, members website will be maintain for visits at all time.
  8. As frequent as once a month of data backup services.
  9. As frequent as once months of data restore services.
  10. Member will enjoy all advertising services on zmall for free.
  11. Provide free basic SEO consulting service.

Extra paid services (all of the following services require a service fees):

  1. Provide template, domain registration & management, web hosting registration and management services. (Limit for members with paid annual membership)
  2. Provide information transfer from other sites.
  3. Provide exclusive SEO consulting services. (Limit for members with paid annual membership).
  4. Provide website content update service and management. (Limit for members with paid annual membership).
  5. Provide social media and online advertising services.
  6. Provide product advertising and market migration into China online e-commerce market.

Payment information:

Customers may pay through PayPal monthly or annually. Credit card payments and online banking transfer to our company bank account options are available as well. Please leave your email as a reference during payments for identification


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